In Haints & Healing: the Hollerin Space we built relationships through the weekly gatherings which grew to create a unique body of artistic work, shared in community. Gathered, we walked & rallied in public, sang, made art, danced, drank at our community created Apothecary located at the museum. We partnered with the Smith-Robertson Museum to hold space for weekly meditations where BQT folks became the center of that space. Nollie Jenkins Family Center became one of our closest collaborating communities. We met weekly for 3 months. In gathering, we dreamed & grew relationships. Life as art. We imagined & re-imagined what the dreamspace is now for us and was like for our parents, grandparents & beyond. We began exploring tools like the internet in our art in Jackson, Mississippi. We began hashtagging photos and we asked our communities to hashtag any relevant social media posts #apothecary #portals #brewing #flocking #freedomfighters #allblackeverything #hollerinspace #thrones . became viral conductions FLOCKING generated from community conversations around changing mainstream media perceptions of Mississippi and Blackness in the South. We wanted to make a way to simultaneously celebrate and share



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